Bogotaconf Makes its First Call for Developers Locally and Abroad

Last week we announced PulsoConf2012, the first large-scale technology and investment event and the culmination of years of work in the Latin American startup ecosystem.

Within the same framework, today we are happy to announce this year’s Bogotaconf, which was held for the first time in October 2011. The conference’s mission is to put local entrepreneurs and developers in contact with international developers and fill growing needs in Colombia. Organizers also hope to inform attendees about the requirements of quality and provide Colombian developers with the opportunity to find out about goings-on in other parts of the world.

The initiative is headed by Juan Pablo BuriticáCarlos RozoGiovany Beltrán and Jorge Parada, four Colombian businessmen who have identified the need for improved quality from Colombian developers in order for Colombia to be competitive with its regional counterparts. These four professionals believe that Colombia can reach the standards of countries such as Argentina and Brazil, where high-caliber work has led to the establishment of big-name companies like Google.

Carlos Rozo from recently touched on the challenge posed in finding developers with high standards of quality in Colombia – standards required for the projects currently being incubated in the Wayra Academy, for example. This need has also been detected by analysts and declared one of the main issues for the development of the local ecosystem: the scarcity of high-level developers that is worsened by a lack of challenging projects.

In a moment that the Colombian entrepreneurial environment has started to make noise and grow, that vicious circle must be broken. It is time to capitalize on the talent that has waited for so long to get involved in complex and challenging projects. This second edition of Bogotaconf will consolidate the event as an institution of development in Colombia. Bogotoconf will become a reference point for local developers, showing these professionals all that they can be and do when appropriate training and references are provided.

A number of speakers will be present, including:

Matt Aimoneti of

Sara Chipps of

Evan Henshaw-Plath of Anarchogeek

Sebastian Delmont of Zonageek

Last October’s Bogotoconf was attended by 150 professionals, who saw and participated in chats held by Tom Preston-Werner (GitHub), Paul Irish (Google) Obie Fernández (HashRocket), Sebastián Delmont (StreetEasy),Harold Gimenez (Thoughtbot) and Edgar Gonzalez (Piictu).


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