Sidengo: Easy Website Builder Shifts from Beta to the Next Level on July 1st

A few months ago, we told you about Sidengo, a site that renders the website building experience both easy and fast. Since its beta launch, the Sidengo team has had tons of fun working on the product’s improvement. And after taking the time to talk with and get to know their users, they are now taking Sidengo to the next level.

Jorge Gutierrez, co-founder of Sidengo, spoke with us about what’s happened since the site’s launch on January 10th:

These past five months have been a blast, since we’ve been able to talk with users and build the product with their help. One big improvement we made to the product was redesigning the builder itself to make it more intuitive. Getting user feedback has helped us a lot in this process!

With new announcements come new features, and the case of Sidengo is no different. Users will be eligible to receive a 30% discount on their subscriptions over the next seven months (Beta users, check your e-mail!). Moreover, those with multiple accounts will now be able to manage all of their accounts from one single account. These changes will definitely improve the Sidengo user experience. It’s also important to note that fees won’t change after July 1st, the date the Sidengo guys, as Jorge and Gabriel call themselves, close up shop on the beta version.

When we asked Jorge if they were looking for or had already received investments, he was clear in his response as to Sidengo’s expectations for the second half of 2012 :

We haven’t done any fundraising or sought funding. We want this to be a bootstraping project to the furthest extent possible. Our current focus is on improving the product. We want to get the product right for our customers and give them a great website building experience. We will continue to release more features, such as additional layouts and templates, and add more services to our Apps section.

If you’re not a beta user and are reading about Sidengo for the first time through PulsoSocial, you are eligible for a 15% discount on any subscription taken out for the rest of 2012. You just have to redeem the discount before the end of June with the code pulsosocial.


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