McKinsey & Company Recognizes WormholeIT as Innovator in Argentine Backdrop

We’ve been following Wormhole I.T. for quite a while now. This  young enterprise has, in a short period of time, become one of the leading and most-awarded web conference and education platforms in Latin America.

The company’s success has not gone unnoticed, and now, U.S. consulting company McKinsey & Company has joined in on the applause for Wormhole’s work.

McKinsey has recognized Wormhole as an exemplary startup, noting it as an innovator within the Argentine internet and consumer markets. The U.S. consultant cited Wormhole’s alliance with large-scale operators, such as Telefonica, and the provision of solutions that are 100% online-based as its reasoning for the honor.

It also recognized the special challenges posed by the company’s Argentine business backdrop, including a relatively low internet use rate by small businesses when compared to more developed areas. At the same time, McKinsey noted a few promising factors of Wormhole’s base Argentine market – the fact that Argentine users, who are largely adults, spend an average of 27.4 hours per month online. Moreover, Argentina is the nation with the highest amount of internet penetration in the region and possesses a constantly-growing e-commerce industry.

Wormhole I.T. is definitely a force to watch on local, regional and international levels, and one can only expect more honors, such as this from McKinsey, to come.


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