With Kaszek’s Investment, Chilean Startup ComparaOnline raises $5M

The Chilean company ComparaOnline.com has received a significant investment from Kaszek Ventures.

Compara Online was founded in 2009 with the aim of utilizing technology to help consumers to compare and choose a wide variety of services and products, ranging from insurance plans to internet service providers. The company’s founder and CEO Sebastian Valin explains the startup’s aim to help consumers to make informed decisions in a matter of seconds, saving not only time but, most importantly, money.

With Kaszek’s investment, Compara Online’s budget has reached five million dollars, which will finance its expansion in the years to come. The event also marks the first time Argentine venture capital has been used to finance an online Chilean startup. Kaszek Ventures is a leading Argentine venture capital firm headed by ex-MercadoLibre CFO Nicolas Szekasy.


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