in the footsteps of regional companies

After 25 years of experience in the PR & Communications market in Argentina, Laura Muchnik launched a think-oriented communications team aimed to build  reputation for companies, projects, organizations, entrepreneurs and brands all over Latin America. The team is integrated by senior professionals from different disciplines (Communication, Journalism, Political Science, Business Administration, Law, Research, Public Relations, Art and Design, among others)

The work area is Latin America, through strategic partnerships with related partners in each country, with special focus on bilateral relations with Brazil.

Muchnik told PulsoSocial the objectives of the regional approach of the business model.

Why business is focused in Latin America? Do brands need a regional level?

In we understand that today the geographical limits do not apply to the business world. Companies no longer have borders to operate and it’s difficult to limit their operations to a single market.

You specifically talk about “multilatin” companies, why?

Our goal is to provide services regionally thanks to an interdisciplinary team with experts in different markets, focusing especially in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. There is a palpable phenomenon of “multilatin” companies. The region is a business itself. Business knows it. More and more companies need a regional approach and need a strategic partner for its expansion process, to accompany them on business development and strategic positioning.

How do you define the business model?

Our model seeks to move away from using many media companies today. The goal is not «planting flags» in as many countries as possible, but consolidate a dynamic team that can address the needs of companies also dynamic and innovative projects. Moreover, one of the great pillars of our regional strategy will focus on the export of models and best practices from one country to another for various industries and types of services. Our business is structured in three main areas: Communication of Brand, Product and Corporate, Brand Experience, and Custom Publishing (development of own resources for companies and organizations).

What will be the approach in terms of online reputation?

The off-line brand reputation is a fragile attribute. Brands working carefully and steadily move their valuable intangibles to the online world through business processes. Internet has its own rules, its own opportunities and its own dangers. Experience shows that many were able to successfully transpose “the bridge” and made their reputation, credibility, success in a very intelligent way and now enjoy both worlds with great vitality. But keep in mind that Internet is all about instant, viral and reputation of companies or brands can change in an instant. We believe that the digital world deserves special attention and a great effort to understand, incorporate it into our business vision and seize the immense opportunities it offers.


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