Argentina: the Internet ecosystem is above the average for Latin America

Projections of a report from the The Boston Consulting Group and the international consulting firm McKinsey focused on the impact of Internet in Latin American economies were presented in Santiago de Chile as part of a seminar organized by Google.

The 2.2%-equivalent to U.S. $ 6,555 million, equal the Internet industry with hotels and restaurants, in terms of contribution to GDP (Gross Domestic Product). «It is important to note that in Argentina the rate of contribution to GDP is the Internet’s fastest growth among the G-20,» says the report.

The projected growth for the sector in the country is 24.3% annually, while for other nations of the rate group average is 17.8%. «Furthermore, these data are particularly relevant in comparison with the average growth rate of developed countries which is estimated to be 8.1% annually through 2016», said the job.

The participation of 2.2% to GDP in Argentina locates above other Latin American countries like Brazil (1.5%) and Mexico (1%), while global beats Italy (1.7%) and is below China (2.6%) France (3.1%) and USA (3.8%). In breaking down the contribution to GDP, 1% is generated by private consumption, 0.3% for public expenditure, 0.8% for private investment, while exports (content, software and services via the web) provide 0.2% and imports are a negative 0.2%.

The report also revealed the local Internet «ecosystem» (environment, penetration capacity and infrastructure, engagement; and investment in Internet both in regard to electronic commerce as online advertising) This set of variables located Argentina with a rate of 33% at maturity of the «ecosystem», behind Chile (40%), Brazil (38%) and Colombia (37%), and ahead of Venezuela (29 %), Mexico (27%) and Bolivia (15%).

«The Internet ecosystem development in Argentina is above the average for Latin America and is driven by variables such as the use of web-users and penetration of broadband,» said the report.

According to international consultants, Internet users in Argentina not only increase year after year, but «the use of computers via network reaches 27.4 hours per month, well above the global average of 23 hours «. Its principal activities include the use of social networks (you have 17 million Facebook accounts), networking (collaborative networking), the use of search engines and consumption of news and multimedia content.

71% of Internet users in Argentina regularly visit news sites «far exceeding the Latin American average, located in 61%,» the report said. In addition the average age of users is more advanced than the rest of Latin America: 54% percent of users are under 35 years.

The updated data to November 2011 indicate the price of 1 megabit connection was located at 16 pesos (U.S. $ 3.61), and according to the analysis «the costs of Internet access in Argentina are about 25% by below the average for Latin America.» In this measurement,Chile has the «ecosystem» more mature (40%), followed byBrazil (38%),Colombia (37%),Argentina (33%),Venezuela (29%),Mexico (27%) and Bolivia (15%).


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