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Match Latam to conquer latinamerican online dating market

Match Latam is a result of the merger in Latin America of the two giants of online dating sites: Meetic and His landing in Latin America involves about 60 million users in countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The largest number of users is in Brazil, followed by Mexico and Argentina.

« was already a success in the US, and landed in Latin America with the same expectations. The countries of the region had no great player so Match identified the opportunity to establish itself as a leader » says Mariela Barreira, Development Coordinator

According to figures from a study conducted by, the number of people known by dating online increases, so it’s expected to be reflected in the countries of the region.

The context is ripe to seek new ways to meet people: today the long hours of work and the fast pace of life make people have less and less time to do what they like or meet new persons.

«Register with an online dating site becomes a convenient and easy alternative to get into contact with men and women who are in the same situation without leaving your home» Barreira says.

«According to our studies, the majority of people only go out one to two times per week. Due to his hectic work life, dedication is full time and leaves little time to get to know more people» says Claudio Gandelman, CEO of for Latin America.

The numbers of the study indicate that 17% of modern couples meet through a dating site online, beating the encounters that occur in a bar or restaurant.

«There were many prejudices when meeting someone through an online one-night stand site, however, this idea has been declining with the passing of the years as new stories of couples who are known in this way goes increase. Thus, it is important to set aside the fear, shame or any thoughts that you can stop to look for love online and encouraged to use new techniques of seduction » says Gandelman.

Specifically to the site, 80% of those registered are aged between 25 and 60, confirming that there is no specific age to find a partner through the Internet.

However, Latin American countries have cultural issues to overcome. «It’s a closed society, yet a little shy. For example, it is difficult to see a woman taking the first step to conquer a man. Usually they expect man contact. In U.S. and Europe women seek and contact proactively. However, this is changing in recent years, we notice that the trend is that online dating sites are becoming more common. A new place to meet people» Barreira adds.


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