Brazil: Schwab Foundation looking for Social Entrepreneurs of the Year

A good social and environmental idea deserves support. The best deserve a prize.

That’s what Schwab Foundation – an independent, neutral, non-profit organization that was created in 1998 to promote and support social entrepreneurs leading innovative and sustainable initiatives to solve social problems in the world-, thinks about social entrepreneurship and they are looking for the best in Brazil to recognize them with the Social Entrepreneur and Social Entrepreneur of the Future awards.

This event is held since 2005 -Social Entrepreneur of the Future was created in 2009-, and both awards, aim to give visibility and training to leaders of cooperatives, social affairs and social impact organizations and -or- environmental initiatives that have developed innovative and sustainable direct benefit to the community. Schwab Foundation provides a global platform to promote social entrepreneurship as a key element to advance societies and address social problems.

According to the site:

…the Social Entrepreneur Awards, held on 13 countries and 5 regions, is the main social and environmental entrepreneurship contest in Latin America and one of the busiest in the world.

The award winners will receive the title of Social Entrepreneur of the Year in an event to be held in November 2012 in Sao Paulo. In 2013, the winners will be honored at the main stage of World Economic Forum on Latin America (in Peru), with transportation and lodging paid by the Schwab Foundation, among other benefits such as networking, scholarships, inclusion to Rede Folha de Empreendedores Socioambientais, etc.

Registrations are open to Brazil until May 13th, if you are a social entrepreneur or know someone that fits the criteria -click on Critérios de seleção-, then you can register at the site and upload the information required to participate; creating an account at Schwab Foundation website allows the system to recognize you when you go back to other stages of the competitions.

Other active competitions -these competitions have not yet been concluded, but are closed to applications- are Latin America, Venezuela, Global and Africa. Schwab Foundation works in partnership with World Economic Forum.

Are you a social entrepreneur, do you know one? What impact do their projects have in your country?


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