Viflux, web videos as the best strategy to position online

All indicators that measure activity on Internet reflect it. Along with the activity on social networks, online video reigns as absolute leader in the time spent online. The problem, however, is how to make them accurate to online dynamic.

As a Marketing Strategy, is among the most effective way to communicate a message, get loyalty, and generate impact or engagement.

Day ago we mentioned that for Latin America, according to Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast Index (2010-2015) web video traffic will account for 66% of all Internet traffic end-user for that year. In 2010, it represented only 46%.

Also, comSocre released the results of a study on the synergy of professionally-produced video content and user-generated product videos in Marketing campaigns. The results of the study indicate that professionally-produced video content and user-generated product videos drive higher levels of sales effectiveness when used in tandem.

Particularly, professionally-produced content generated a 24.7 point lift in Share of Choice for the featured product and a 16 point lift for the brand’s total line. User-generated product videos drove an 18.7 point lift in Share of Choice for the featured product compared to a 10 point lift for the brand’s total line

«Video Marketing is a growing trend. Every company has the right to exploit the effectiveness of online video with a low cost. We offer high quality web videos for any business, company, freelancer or entrepreneur. No matter the size, resources or knowledge of the Internet they may have, everyone can have it» says Clara Siancha, in charge of Pr & Communications of Viflux, whose entrepreneurial team is headed by Sebastian Firtman, CEO and  Federico Legarreta COO.

Viflux offers web videos in a simple, flexible and accessible way to any trade, professional or enterprise to access the most effective way to get customers and deliver a message online.

«They get to tell what they do, show what they offer, without resorting to lengthy texts that nobody is willing to read. This found that video is the most effective online advertising strategy, has the highest conversion, and produces the most clicks and purchase direct contacts «adds Siancha.

In just two weeks they get a video designed with dynamic online: «It is filmed by a professional with and effective aesthetic, a player optimized design for the web 2.0 and a micro-site for the video itself for free” she says.

As for local competition, the producers offer classic video with much higher costs, more tedious production, times distinctly longer and don’t think about the inclusion in the online world.

The distribution of the video is also included in the fee: «The hosting of the video is in charge of Viflux and delivered a simple code to embed in the HomePage of the company or any other site. In addition Viflux distributes it on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Google and most visited search engines. In just two weeks thousands of potential customers can see what they want to say» she points.

The cost is a plus for the tool: «Viflux is accessible because our costs are the lowest in the market. This is achieved through our network audiovisual professionals partners spread across the country and several countries in Latin America. «

In the U.S. there are business models similar to that obtained Viflux with large investments and good impact: «This business model allows several companies to have their online web video with high quality, low cost and a powerful distribution, which until now could only have only a few» concludes Siancha


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