FGV to promote entrepreneurship and Brazilian Internet startups

Created in June 2004 with the mission of building an entrepreneurial culture in the Getulio Vargas Foundation, the Center for Entrepreneurship and New Business (FGVcenn) is one of more than 20 centers operating in the School of Business Administration of Sao Paulo (EAESP).

These are the fundamentals of entrepreneurship that guide the activities of FGVcenn:

Empower people to be innovative, to see; enjoy new opportunities; train them in the field to develop behavioral self-confidence, persistence, resistance to face obstacles and convince them to believe that working hard is the way to achieve a goal. 

Through 4 strands, FGVcenn promotes and encourage people to develop new ideas and learn about new businesses.

•Startup companies
•Social entrepreneurship
•Entrepreneurship in companies
•Public entrepreneurship

Every month FGVcenn organizes activities related to entrepreneurship, workshops, conferences, competitions -like FGV Latin Moot Corp Competition-, and meetings where entrepreneurs have the opportunity to exchange ideas with community and share experiences.

FGVcenn is based on the principle that an entrepreneur is the agent for innovation.

We believe that generating and spreading knowledge will awaken the latent entrepreneurial spirit, encourage new business and contribute to Brazil’s social and economic development.

If you are interested to share your experiences as entrepreneur or to see what FGVcenn is doing in Brazil, contact them and visit their site.


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