The first iTuesday that took place in Guadalajara

Something’s in the air lately in the western part of México. It seems somehow that an entrepreneurial ecosystem is starting to take form; composed by researchers, academy, entrepreneurs, investors, government and entrepreneurial communities the first iTuesday of Guadalajara in the state of Jalisco took place. More that a 140 participants witnessed the birth of a permanent space where they can meet, share experiences, expand their networks and help detonate the potential of entrepreneurship and innovation in the region.

The kickstart of it was given by Enrique Cortés, General Manager of Dell who actually sponsored this event. He talked about the technological trends in the industry, presenting and encouraging the search and development of new technology projects where innovative entrepreneurs have an important role.

After a few words of Jaime Reyes, President of the Investors Club MexVC now Guadalajara’s Angel Investor Network (GAIN), the keynote of the event began. Paul Ahlstrom presented his book «Nail It then Scale It«. He had the public interact with his arguments quite notably and actively. Ahlstrom shared that the main reason why projects fail within their first 5 years is «Premature Scaling». Using interesting and compelling examples, Ahlstrom explained briefly the steps of his proposed methodology  «Nail It then Scale It», with which, he assured, the audience could get much better results developing their projects and startups.

Following the conference, there was a space for «Rocket pitches», where entrepreneurs from Tequila Soft, Happy Cloud, Ventana Social, Unima, Larva Games and Giroscopik Game Studios participated. They shared their ideas and startups related to mobile platforms, social networking, biotechnology, videogames, licensing models, etc.

After a few words to close the event, Alem Muminovic , actual organizer of this whole event, offered a small cocktail party for the attendees to do some networking and chat with speakers, organizers and entrepreneurs who shared their ideas in their rocket pitches.

iTuesdays are going to be held permanently according to their organizers every first tuesday of each month in the same place, the Guadalajara Software Center, in Jalisco.  They are inviting everyone related to this cause to assist and network in order to keep on building the ecosystem of the region.

Are you ready to assist?

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