MPA: Which are the mobile applications trends for 2012?

Users of smartphones and tablets are increasing day by day and the content specifically created for them is growing exponentially. This Monday, has being held in Barcelona the 6th edition of the Mobile Premier Awards, those in which have competed the new applications developed throughout 2011, and we have had the opportunity to take a look into the trends for the next year.

 From the survey we were able to extract that the design of mobile applications is going to take 5 ways clearly defined:

 Easy life apps:

 Applications to manage our credit cards, to find quickly the closest gas station, or to manage a last minute booking are just some of these add-ons that have become essential in our daily lives.

 Within the Mobile Premier Awards congress, a special mention should be made to «The Hand«, developed by the colombian Edwin Vargas, which allows us to translate simultaneously any typed text into sign language for deaf people.

 «No te pases» has being another application that has received very good reception when exposed to the jury by Roberto Ibarra. This is a simple way to control the call time to avoid going over the minute limit imposed by some mobile companies.

Educational applications:

Aimed at both children and adults, they cover multiple levels and areas of knowledge that let users  learn in a fun way using highly interactive content.

Among the applications presented in the festival, we would highlight the winner of the Audience Prize: Touchy Books (now Play Tales), a multilanguage platform for digital books in which both children and parents can enjoy books in different platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile and Android.

  Multimedia Applications

Among the applications that offer audiovisual content management on smartphones, we can find «The Social Radio«, winner of the AppCircus circuit in Argentina. This app allows the user transform the Twitter timeline into a radio station, inserting read tweets within the music in your playlist, just like a radio.

 Interactive / sharing

Not surprising for us to find a number of applications that integrate fun and interactivity, often requiring the participation of several people for their full enjoyment, those applications provide an authentic experience beyond the screen limits.

Within these applications in the Mobile Premiere Awards, «EyeEm» has been particularly interesting, since you can share information and pictures of those places that are interesting to you and recommend them to people all around the world.

Touchy Books now PlayTales, winner of the audience prize


Classics never die, and even less those applications that provide us hours of fun. Within this category we would like to highlight «The Incredible Circus«, developed by the brazilian Glaubert Oliveira. This app is a game that has all the ingredients to turn into a classic. The main character has to attain the goal located at the highest point of the screen, jumping throughout elastic surfaces, being propelled by cannon and dodging the hazards that he will found in the air.

 Also within this category is the winner of the Best Application Award: Šarūnas Ledas and his team from Lithuania surprised us with an augmented reality action game in which you have to protect your beloved helpless Teddy Bear from the evil-shaped monsters that try to attack him.You can also cuddle your bear to keep him happy.

 Summing up all that we have seen in  this compilation is clear that although the entertainment has a key role, the most popular are the social applications that provide a shared experience: file transfer, content management and geolocation based utilities seem to be the new trends in the mobile world for this year.


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