The Incredible Circus: MPA nominee waiting for the results

Just a few minutes to meet the winners of Mobile Premier Awards, 20 participants are waiting to know what is the best mobile app around the world.

Within these 20 participants, we find The Incredible Circus, a brazilian app really fun and addictive.

What about The Incredible Circus? It’s a game developed by INDT (Instituto Nokia De Tecnología), where you need to take your character -a stuntman- through 32 levels, using elastic bands and trampolines to jump above obstacles or through fire rings, stuntman’s helmet can’t be cracked or broken. The fun goes on as more and more circuses open their doors for this incredible stuntman.

The app is available for free in Nokia Store. Try it! you will have fun.

We wish the best to all the finalists of Mobile Premier Awards.



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