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Mobile Premier Awards 2012: And the winner is… Bear Care

The Mobile Premier Awards 2012 held at Sala Apolo in Barcelona, Spain, recognized the best in mobile applications field around the world. This gala event coincided at the same time with the Mobile World Congress.

21 mobile applications were selected from various AppCircus events celebrated around the world, and this is how apps from Africa, Latin America, Europe and Asia gathered in one place, to have the opportunity to be selected as the BEST APP IN THE WORLD.

AppCircus Accra, Ghana – Saya
AppCircus Austin, USA – Screach
AppCircus Barcelona, Spain – TouchyBooks
AppCircus Berlin,  Germany – EyeEm
AppCircus Bogota, Colombia – The Hand
AppCircus Bucarest, Rumania – Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim
AppCircus Buenos Aires, Argentina – The Social Radio
AppCircus Cape City, South Africa – Moraba
AppCircus Düsseldorf, Germany – Gigbeat
AppCircus Kampala, Uganda – Mafuta Go!
AppCircus Lisbon, Portugal – My Magic Songs
AppCircus London, UK – echoecho
AppCircus Mexico City, Mexico – No Te Pases
AppCircus Milan, Italy – Tidy App
AppCircus Online Competition – BearCare
AppCircus Paris, France – CineXPlayer3D
AppCircus Santiago de Compostela, Spain – ReallyLateBooking
AppCircus Sao Paulo, Brazil – The incredible Circus
AppCircus Tallinn, Estonia – Qminder
AppCircus Vienna, Austria – Mobile Pocket

The teams or creators, had the chance to make their pitch –presentation– in front of a jury formed by:

Alec Saunders – QNX Software Systems
Anna Heim – The Next Web
Carlos Domingo – Telefónica Digital
Di-Ann Eisnor – Waze
James Pearce – Facebook
Joe Neale – M8 Capital
Kenny Mathers – Nokia
Peter Vesterbacka – Rovio
Russel Buckley – Eagle Eye Solutions
Thom Cummings – SoundCloud

The rounds were over, and around 600 people waited for the final results –some with nervousness-, but finally, the name of the winners were revealed:

Audience Award:  Touchybooks
Ringmaster Award: Mafuta Go!
BEST APP: BearCare

PulsoSocial congratulates all participants for their excellent work.

Thanks to Giulliana Reggiardo and Susana Taranco for their contribution to this article.

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