Outlook for 2012:How to build a successful tech startup

Today will be held in New York  the roundtable: » Outlook  for 2012:  How to build a succesful  tech startup» . The event which  is organized by the  Latin American Venture Capital Association ( LAVCA ) in partnership with  PulsoSocia​l , has the objective of analyzing  the scenario  that  Latin American entrepreneurs face this year. 

In addition to the discussion group, will be  give the award  to  the  winner  of the PulsoStartUp contest .

After 6 weeks, the Brazilian company Everwrite won the first place.  Everwrite,  founded by Diego Gomes and Edmar Oliveira,  is a  web tool that helps bloggers and journalists to  find out  topics and keywords in order to maximize the web content chance of being top ranked  in major search engines, which allows  to earn more   advertising.

You can see the list of the results of the contest our post :Meet the  Top10  startups in LatinAmerica .

The event  takes place  in the offices of Quotidian Ventures, New York


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