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#PS10: Meet the top 10 startups in Latin America

After a 6-week process, involving a total of 121 enterprises from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico , Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela. The time has come to  meet the top 10 startups in Latin America.

The selection process took into account the following criteria

1. Compliance with requirements:

2. Quality of information provided by entrepreneurs

The evaluation considered<.

1. Achievements of the entrepreneurial team

2. Clarity in the business model explained

3. Product Development

4.  Profile of  the entrepreneurial team

In this way each judge chose its 10 enterprises. The winners were of the  result of the number of votes and the place given for each  judge.

In the following order, the winners are:

1. Everwrite .- (Brazil)

EverWrite is a tool that helps bloggers and journalists to discover the topics and keywords that offer real opportunities to rank high in major search engines, to thus make more money on advertising.

2. Babelverse .- (Chile)

Babelverse is the first real-time application «on demand» interpretation of  human interpreters . It´s a  platform where experts and amateurs alike professional interpreters will be able to earn money for their time, creating a new source of income for people throughout the world.

3. Clerk .- (Chile)

Cloud service for customer management, sales, and independent hotel reservations. 85% of hoteliers in the world are SMEs and have no simple and robust tools that speak your language and help you manage your facilities as large chains that have departments of revenue, finance and trade. Clerk is these departments that delivers business intelligence to better exploit the hotel hotel

4. Arcaris .- (Chile)

Arcaris provides: Talent Management platform for Subcontractors call center services, companies to improve their performance and motivation of the agents. Leveraging our platform gamification concepts encourage positive agent behavior, resulting in lower rates of staff turnover and increased profits.

5. OmbúShop .- (Argentina)

Ombú Shop allows you to create your own online store in a very simple, non-technical. Anyone with a product to sell can register and build your online store fully customized and integrated with the most popular means of payment. Today, if you buy something basic, such as sheets or books, do not complete the transaction without sending many mails in which you are notified that stock, the latest version or delivery to reach your home. It’s a frustrating way that makes you lose time and then the desire to buy something to that seller. To eliminate these difficulties Ombú Shop and give them to both the seller and the buyer a better experience of e-Commerce

6. Kidbox .- (Uruguay)

Kidbox provides a Web service from existing content on the Internet (websites, videos and games) creates a safe environment. Kidbox selects, classifies and provides the content for children in a personalized way, according to your profile, age, gender, nationality, interests and needs.

7. Hadza .- (Chile)

Hadza is a fresh way to enjoy online video in sync. So the user experience you can create and collectively storytellings through videos. Hadza allows people to re-edit the world through videos.

8. Aivo-Agenbot .- (Argentina)

Aivo agents develops virtual customer care to intelligently recognize, interpret and respond to written questions by customers in different digital channels. It costs 80% less than if you have human agents. The virtual agents are changing the rostor of the $ 55 billion market customer. AgentBot, Aivo, has created a virtual agent to chat distinguishes itself both by his personality, for their strong Spanish language skills in writing through regional complexity decoding.

9. Shopperception .- (Argentina)

Shopperception allows the use kinect to detect people in front of the gondola, and record time, interactions, events and selected products, and imaging in cases that require it (conversions and returns).

10. Nuflick .- (Mexico)

Nuflick crowd is a distribution platform for independent filmmakers. Seeks to resolve the problems of self distribution for artists and the supply of legal content and different for moviegoers. Meet the demand for independent films and offers a new distribution channel for creators.

Congratulations to the team of founders of Everwrite formed by Diego Gomes and  Edmar Olivera. Recall that Everwrite be presented this February 2 in New York in the offices of Quotidian Ventures. So everyone can imagine that in Pulsosocial are working flat out for the event.

Also the winner gets a prize from special stimulus by  BlueVia: tehey can  can use for a year one of the co-working spaces with which Blue-Via has been working around the world.

Andres Leonardo Martinez entanto (@ davilagrau), responsible for LATAM BlueVia, and part of the jury evaluated the projects, sessions will «speed dating», support and expertise in various fields to carry out successfully entrepreneurship to the 10 selected entrepreneurs.

The most popular,

Last week we open the possibility of participation of PulsoSocial readers to support their favorite startup, making clear that these results are  not taken into account in the evaluation process of the judges of the contest. The response was extremely enthusiastic to concentrate around 3,200 votes, which are worth mentioning are the 5 most mobilized enterprises readers

1. Prolancer (656 votes)

2. Backpacker (598 votes)

3. Ledface (487 votes)

4. Fanwards (172 votes)

5. Helpin (157 votes)

Thanks to all the entrepreneurial community in Latin America!

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  • Wow, it’s incredible to see how lazy the people from PulsoSocial are, you can tell right away that they didnt do their homework. This ranking is just BS. Some of the companies there deserve it, but some others shouldnt even be in the top 1000! Lets take Arcaris for example, its founder and CEO screwed over his former business partner and then started Arcaris to compete with his own company, behind his partner’s back. Not for a second I believe someone like that could be leading a top 10 startup in LatAm. Meanwhile, the awesome guys of Splitcast, who invented an incredible new tech for p2p content distribution, were not featured at all (Im sure there are dozens of other cases).

  • @Felipe

    The judging criteria were clear from the beginning, and it didn’t include «Incredibly New Technology» as one of them, not all cool technologies are good companies. Most startups fail because there was no market for their technology.

    Your example of Pulsosocial not doing their homework is very weak, we did our homework beyond this competition, especially in the case of Arcaris and I know more than you may imagine about Medularis, as I met with both founders (Nicolas Brenner and Oscar Giraldo) several times before, since 2009. You picked the worst example of the whole list to say we didn’t do our homework.

    At the end of the day, a good company, be it split cast or others, will succeed whether they win a competition or not. It is not a panel of judges that determines the success of a company, it’s the market the one that defines the success of a company.

  • @Andres

    I agree with what you say about startups succeeding even if they are not featured on any rankings or in spite of being featured in one. That’s not in discussion here. What I’m arguing is that this list is really far from being comprehensive or exhaustive enough to be called «Top 10 startups in Latin America» and should be taken with a grain of salt by anyone who reads it.

    In the case of the example I picked, I take it you don’t personally know the people from Splitcast then, as I’m sure you and the rest of the judges would agree they are a way better entrepreneurial team than Arcaris (specially considering Arcaris’ unethical CEO).

  • @Felipe

    Like Andres said, the market defines the success of a company. I recommend you focus on more important business aspects instead of trying to make yourself look good by insulting a teams hard work and dedication based on a Co-Founder split.

  • @Felipe

    Most startups fail, like most businesses in general, because their founders ‘quit’ (although I don’t know if it is to go and start competing companies, jejeje, joke) – But seriously, they quit for any # of reasons – couldn’t scale the idea/gain access to distribution channels, fully build out their technology, get to market fast enough, raise funding, develop the right team, etc.

    For many startups and new technologies it comes down to exposure and showing people how that technology is relevant to their lives (now or in the near future). So I am afraid I have to disagree when you say most startups fail because there is ‘no market’ for their technology.

    In the late 1990’s during the first generation of startups (let alone the origin of the name) basically means no market ‘technically’ existed for many of these companies. It was unheard of that after 1.5 years a company ‘on paper’ could have a valuation of $300 million USD (for example), without having sold any ‘real products’ or exchanged any real money. This was all based on potential market trends.

    As for the startups on the list….well…..let’s say that sometimes the marketing is more important than the mastery.

    The reality is headlines sell….and you have to admit that Top 10 startups in Latin America is going to attract readers….of all types….jeejeje.

    Anyway as for your ‘outburst’ wow, been there done that (not in the exact same context) and it also has been done to me. And here is my lesson learned –

    Whatever is in the dark all’ways comes to the light. You don’t have to hang the dirty laundry in the front yard. We need to build the startup culture in the LatAm and smashing your fellow startup founder is not a cool way to do it. If you don’t support them, then leave them be.

    But as for yourself, keep rapid prototyping, getting your product out there and working to make a larger and more positive impact. Then whatever you say will really mean something…to somebody who cares (:



  • @Oscar

    I suggest you focus on your business instead of replying to comments on blogs. I also suggest you re-read my comments, because I never insulted anybody’s team, unless you consider it an insult if someone says that another company’s team is better than yours.

  • Aside from the current debate in the comments, we would like to see iWantoo featured next year. Too bad we launched just after the contest was done.