PS10: Meet the best startup in Latin America

Today we met the best startups in Latin America, but the one who was picked as number 1, was the Brazilian project called Everwrite.

According to Diego Gomes -co-founder-, Everwrite can be described as:

«…A demand information platform focused on helping small/medium media companies to produce content that leverages demand and ROI. Keeping it simple, our vision is to be the «Google Analytics of Demand information for publishers».

I had the opportunity to interview Diego  Gomes, and we talked about the company and PS10 award.

AX: How and when did you develop the idea for Everwrite?
DG: We always worked for media companies and always had a lot of trouble finding topics that would help us bring more traffic in.

AX: Who’s the team behind Everwrite?
DG: We started EverWrite in July 2011, and we’re a team of 2 founders; Edmar Ferreira, was a big data consultant and worked for several startups such as Omnilogic, Via6, and SwiftRiver and me. I used to run product management for SambaTech, and co-founded ReadWriteWeb Brazil.

AX:  What do you expect in 2012 for Everwrite?
DG: We expect to launch our self serving version really soon, hire more big data engineers and raise our angel round. All this in 2012.

AX:  Have you received any offers (investment, acquisition) for your company?
DG: Yes we already had some offers and we’re talking to some amazing investors. We are starting to raise our seed round right now, so this prize comes very handy, since we’ll be in front of top notch investors in NYC. We’re also going to Launch conference in March.

AX: How do you feel about winning PS10?
DG: It was an amazing experience and we are very happy to be picked among all these great startups. The Latin American market is booming right now, so we really feel like there’s a great value in being recognized by one of the most influential blogs of the market as one of the greatest startups here.

Diego and Edmar will be in New York this week to present Everwrite  in the offices of Quotidian Ventures; also, as part of the prizes, they can use for a whole year, one of the co-working spaces with which Bluevia has been working around the world.

If you want to know more about them, follow Everwrite on Twitter or visit their site. Congratulations to all the finalists, and thank you for participate.


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