Noknoker: Social media in the real world

If you use the internet and you’re a fan of social networks, for sure you give LIKE to the posts on Facebook, you tweet what you like or want, and you check-in with Foursquare at each site you visit.

Would you like to perform all this previous actions, using only your hands and this way keep a record of your likes, your tweets or your checkins in all your social accounts, instead of using your mobile devices (tablet, laptop or smartphone)?

That’s what NokNoker makes possible. With the help of NFC technology (Near Field Communication), you don’t need a laptop, smartphone or tablet to share what you like, where you are or what you’re doing.

But how NokNoker works?

Using it is simple. Once you find a businesses with the Noknoker logo, you  make a purchase in the store where you are and ask for your Noker special edition, then, link your accounts (Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare), and now you’re ready to Nok throughout the city and share with your friends and fans how important are some places, moments or products for you; everytime you find a NokNoker logo, it means you can use your Noker and automatically your social networks will be updated with the new info, and you don’t even have to take out your mobile, tablet or laptop. Some businesses will reward you with discounts, points, gifts, free products and much more.

Noknoker Logo
Noknoker Logo

This is great for users like us, but what about the businesses?

Noknoker will become a powerful platform for promoting and advertising on popular social networks. As a business owner you can also create loyalty and rewards programs, it’s easy to install, gives you metrics about people who visit your place or like your products, and you know for sure, you can interact with them through social networks.

I had te opportunity to try this Noker on Wayra Academy, where Noknoker is part of the program, and I just have to use a card (previously filled with my info), and then just pass this card near to the buttons with like or tweet that were in the entrance and in the Noknoker stand; my TL and wall were updated via Noknoker, just like that.

If you remember a campaign made by Coca-Cola™ in 2010, you can think this is the same, but what Coca-Cola™ did for their campaign -exclusively for Facebook-, they used RFID bracelets, and was all about likes for them as company and the activities developed in a specific place , with Noknoker you can perform different actions for the social networks you use and wherever you find a Noknoker logo.

Still on beta, you can join and be one of the first guests to use Noknoker as soon as available.


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