Babelverse will provide live voice translation service for President Obama in 6,976 languages

The team behind Babelverse, the world’s first real-time on-demand interpretation service, announced today that they will translate President Obama’s address in real-time to viewers around the world in 6,976 languages. The start-up, founded in  Chile by Mayel de Borniol (France) and Josef Dunne (UK), were awarded top honors at LeWeb’11 ( 3rd place) , the internationally renowned technology conference based in France, and  is part of the 20  startups selected in the #PS10 competition of  this blog.
«Barack Obama’s address this evening touches more than just folks from the United States,” says Dunne, who co-founded Babelverse in Athens, Greece. “The outcome of the address has a direct bearing on the lives of individuals across the globe, and we would like it to be accessible to the 7 billion citizens of the world, no matter what their native tongue is.”Babelverse, a start-up that was part of the government-backed accelerator program, Start-Up Chile, originally created the application as a way to improve communication during international rescue and relief operations in the aftermath of the 2011 Japanese Tsunami.
It’s a platform where skilled amateurs and professional interpreters alike will be able to earn money for their time, creating a new source of income for people all over the world.
President Obama’s address, to be potentially translated into up to 6,976 languages can be streamed at  at the 9 pm ( EST).It is undoubtedly one of the most important tests facing the Babelverse to capture public attention worldwide web.
If you understand English, you are a translator and want to be part of this experience, join Babelverse network.

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