#PS10: Meet the 20 semifinalists

Last Friday we told you that 121 enterprises in Latin America  were running to be chosen as the best in the region for the period 2011 to 2012.
From January  13 until  now we have carried out a process of analysis of each case and preselected a list of  the 20 semifinalists of the PS10 contest.

The selection process took into account the following criteria

1) Compliance with requirements

2) Quality of information provided by entrepreneurs

Evaluation criteria for this phase got focused on:

1) Objectives met by the entrepreneurial team

2) Clarity of business model explained

3) Innovative Concept

As I overtook in a previous post, the task was not easy, but the selection has been made on schedule in the competition.

Start-Ups The 20 selected are:

1. Fanwards .- (Argentina)

Loyaltu Social platform. Gamficiation based that allows fans of brands to get points for social action by the marks made and redeem them for rewards.

2. Kidbox.– (Uruguay)

Kidbox will provide a web service that will introduce already existing internet contents (sites, videos and games) in a safe environment. select, categorize offers the contents and children will have access to them in a personalized way, according to their profile, age, genre, nationality, interests and needs.

3. Myband.is .- (Colombia)

Is a solution to the fragmentation of digital content. With myband.is bands can continue to use the networks they already use and have it all updated on its Web site myband.is.En up the contents, we simply indicate where you are.Then choose the fonts, colors, place a background image and voila, you have a site with flexible design done in minutes.

4. Nuflick .- (Mexico)

Nuflick crowd is a distribution platform for independent filmmakers. Seeks to resolve the problems of self distribution for artists and the supply of legal content and different for moviegoers. Meet the demand for independent films and offers a new distribution channel for creators

5. Clerk .- (Chile)

Cloud service for customer management, sales, and independent hotel reservations. The 85% of hoteliers in the world are SMEs and have no simple and robust tools to help them manage their stores as big chains. Clerk delivers business intelligence to the hotel.
6. Everwrite .- (Brazil)

EverWrite is a tool that helps bloggers and journalists discover topics and keywords that offer real opportunities to rank high in major search engines and make more money with advertising.

7. Shopperception .- (Argentina)

Shopperception allows the use kinect to detect people in front of the gondola, and record time, interactions, events and selected products, and imaging in cases that require it (conversions and returns).

8. Arcaris .- (Chile)

Arcaris provides a Talent Management platform for Call Center Outsourcers and Enterprises to improve their agents performance and motivation. Leveraging gamification concepts with our platform encourages positive agent behavior; resulting in decreased staff turnover rates and increased profits.

9. Dafiti .- (Brazil)

Is offering to  Brazilian (and now Argentine & Chilean) a new way of accessing and buying fashion. Dafiti is offering access to fashion to many people living in remote area with the free shipping and offering convenience to clients of larger cities by presenting 31000 items ready to buy.
10. LedFace .- (Brazil)

We built Ledface as a knowledge-discovering engine powered by crowdsourcing technology. We are talking about people creating your answer in real time. You ask, but you do not get a list of replies. Ledface knows you well enough to pick the right global group to create together, to co-create a custom answer for you. Free, fast and easy

11. Hadza .- (Chile)

Hadza is an innovative way to experience online videos synchronized in time. So you can create and experience collective storytellings through videos.This will enabling people to re-edit the world through videos.
12. Tweegee .- (Brazil)

Tweegee is a social media site that is designed exclusively for children and pre-teens ages 6 to 12 to express themselves creatively, and safely through an innovative and customized online environment, with local & global News, Avatars, Email for kids, Files sharing, Personal calendars, Forums, Chat, Virtual Worlds, Gaming and much more, giving kids a complete fun and safe community atmosphere for all their social living needs

13. OmbúShop .- (Argentina)

Ombú Shop allows you to create your own online store in a very simple, non-technical. Anyone with a product to sell can register and build your online store fully customized and integrated with the most popular means of payment.Today, if you buy something basic, such as sheets or books, do not complete the transaction without sending many mails in which you are notified that stock, the latest version or delivery to reach your home. It’s a frustrating way that makes you lose time and then the desire to buy something to that seller. To eliminate these difficulties Ombú Shop and give them to both the seller and the buyer a better experience of e-Commerce

14. Aivo-Agenbot .- (Argentina)

Aivo develops virtual customer service agents that intelligently recognize, interpret and respond to written client questions across diverse digital channels. At nearly 80% less cost than their human counterparts, virtual agents are changing the face of the US$55 billion customer service industry. AgentBot, Aivo’s chat-based virtual agent, differentiates itself with personality and strong linguistic ability in deciphering written Spanish across its regional complexity.

15. Prolancer .- (Brazil)

It is a platform where companies can find professional within minutes to fit specific project needs. Today in Brazil the market for professional hiring freelancers is underused, with little development of solutions that do not meet the real needs of both businesses and freelancers or freelancers.

16. Backpacker .- (Brazil)

Our product aims to provide the retail employees a unique experience of learning English in an accessible way (1/3 the monthly price of classroom courses), improving their employability (potentially increasing his salary from 25% to 75%). In addition to the owners of retail chains, there is the improvement in the positioning of their brand. Customers associate the brand name with a seal of approval, indicating that the attendants know how to communicate in English.

17. Babelverse .- (Chile)

Babelverse is the first application for real-time on-demand interpretation, powered by a global community of human interpreters.It’s a platform where skilled amateurs and professional interpreters alike will be able to earn money for their time, creating a new source of income for people all over the world.

18. Helpin ( Brasil)

Service marketplace – search and shopping online for offline services.It is the best choice for finding service providers, because today this «search» is provided on platforms that do not give due importance to these professionals, essentially they are designed for sell products or put classifieds online that are poor in information.
19. ikiGaming .- (Mexico)

Development of technology based on HTML5 and JS to create games that run once in IOS, android and thus navegadores.De not have to create specific versions for each platform and the problem is more generic cross-platform solutions that do not meet the required performance for games.

20. Thotz .- (Colombia)

Thotz is a web application that allows you to centralize and visualize the information of the organization. It allows organizations to save time and money, given that on average an employee who handles knowledge loses 20% of their time researching pre-existing in the organization. It resembles a Pinterest for companies

Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who submitted your applications for this competition.  We would be knowing more deeply the candidates in the coming days in order to identify the 10 most promising of our region as well as the number one.

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