: A new stage for your music

Music, concerts, fame.
Sounds good, but often the beginnings of a band are not as easy -and glamorous- as we like to think; but thanks to social networks, streaming channels or video sites, music can reach places that perhaps a few decades ago had been a little more complicated.

A band that is starting may be looking for something practical to be disclosed, create a Facebook profile, Twitter account or a simple personal site. How about the idea of ​​an official site made with the content of all your social networks, customized with a photo, and also a name as cool as (insert your band name here e.g, TheAwesomeBand)?

With you can have in a matter of minutes – literally-, the official site of your band, ready to make it known to your fans, friends, family, everybody. This project was created by four friends and music lovers who work as web professionals in Colombia, also known as La Cocolería, they are: Lucho Molina, Mao Solano, Antid and Cesar Aguirre.

There is no excuse not to publicize your music anymore, people can love it and the next step may be a concert request in by your fans. Music-related startups are always appreciated because they allow us to enjoy new options to listen to something different or learn ways to promote yourself using the potential of the Internet.

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