#PS10 / Interview to Pedro Torres : Be passionate, Think global

Missing a few hours for the registration deadline of the PulsoStartUp10, we share with you, a short interview with Pedro Torres, CEO of  Quotidian Ventures and  member of the jury in the contest.  We asked him what aspects he considers in the moment to decide to fund or not in a StartUp:

PulsoStartup10 o PS10 is an online contest for Latin American startups.  The objective is to shine a spotlight on early stage technology companies in the region.

The requirements to participate are

a) The startup should be based in Latin America.

b) It should have been founded less than three years ago.

c) It should have a functioning product with potential to create real impact in the global marketplace.

We will be choosing one company as the winner of PulsoStartup10 whose founders will be invited this February by PulsoSocial to present their startup to some of the most important investors in New York City with Quotidian Venturesacting as host.



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