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Everyday we see creativity everywhere, around us, in the colors of a shop, logos, business cards, ads on TV and many, many more. But, where does this designs come from? CREATIVE MINDSChoosa is the perfect place to meet some of those minds and tell them what you’re looking for.

The procedure is simple: after register at Choosa, the companies publish their request (website, new logo design, brochures) in a brief and also the price they are willing to pay. Then the designers work and publish their proposals. Customers can monitor the work of the creative making adjustments. Finally, the client chooses the best proposal and awards the creative with the amount of money promised.

Peter van Grinsven -Dutch settled in Argentina the past 6 years- decided to create this platform when he saw the passion and talent of latino designers and pictured the possibility of facilitating contact between these creative and customers worldwide.

Choosa wasn’t Choosa in their begginings, the original name of the project was Guerra Creativa (Creative War in spanish), but they thought the name could sound a little bit exotic, and hard to remember for non spanish speaking costumers; a contest was held in the site and that’s how Choosa was elected as the new name, shorter and more international.

But, what are the differences between Choosa and other similar sites like 99designs, awardesigns or crowdSPRING?  The biggest difference between Choosa and other websites that provide similar services is undoubtedly the character of the community that shapes it. While in Europe and the United States crowdsourcing is already installed  long ago, in Latin America was a novelty, but designers embraced it with great enthusiasm.

Another great advantage is the customer support that is available continuously through chat, no matter what problem the users are experiencing, they can immediately get assistance. Choosa provides support in English, Spanish and Portuguese. This international and multilingual is also another feature that distinguish and enrich the experience of working with this platform.

Choosa has registered more than a thousand contests and some projects receive up to 100 designs, -reached the 100,000 designs, made by a community of over 16,000 creatives-. The crowdsourcing operates as a major source of employment for many designers who can work from home and have a guaranteed job opportunity.

Working since 2009, Choosa has become an important platform for latinamerican designers, giving the opportunity to the customers to avoid the task of requesting quotes from several designers or agencies and can see firsthand hundreds of designs in a matter of hours from home or office.

For 2012 they are planning to develop more tools that allow Choosa to build a community of designers, so they can be communicated among themselves and exchange information, which will undoubtedly enrich the experience of participating in the platform.

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