Latin American startups going to New York City networking event

As the quality of Latin American startups with global aspirations continues to improve, new programs in countries such as the US, are being set up to provide an onramp for companies look for geographic expansion opportunities.  The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), an organization dedicated to the city’s growth, has set up one such program called World to NYC.

According to Patricia Bayley, Project Manager at NYCEDC, they have received some applicants from Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.  Patricia was in Argentina and Brazil a few months back and speaks Spanish fluently having lived previously in Spain for three years.

The World to NYC program is focused on leveraging New York City’s resources and economic opportunities.  The selected applicants will visit the city between February 6-8 to attend conferences and networking sessions with leaders of startups, the Venture Capital community and other key people.  Attendees are encouraged to stay in NYC a few more days and schedule their own meetings during this extended period of time.

The agenda currently includes a visit to local incubator General Assembly, pitch workshop, lunch at NYC’s Silicon Alley and ringing the opening bell of the NASDAQ stock exchange, among other activities.  Thanks to the strategic importance of NYCEDC within the mayor’s office, the networking sessions should include some impressive industry leaders.

This is certainly an interesting opportunity for Latin American startups to increase their visibility and explore possibilities for establishing operations in New York City.  If you are interested in applying to this event, you are encouraged to contact David Gerstl, Assistant Director – International Initiatives.


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