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The 5 Brazilian Apps and Game Studios to Watch out for in 2012

The last post about the mobile market in Brazil gave you a hint about the fast-paced growth of the apps market in this country along 2011. Ending the year, we are going to show 3 apps and 2 game studios from Brazil to watch out for in 2012.

Following the trend of this market that has been growing at an impressive rate but hasn’t reached the same maturity level of other markets such as US and Europe, you will notice that some of the selected apps are not totally finished or ready to take advantage of  their full potential market yet. Make it happen is exactly what we are expecting for 2012! Potential growth, innovation and technical quality were the main criteria for the tough task of selecting only 5 rockstar apps in this overheated market.

Let’s meet the artists!

  • The Incredible Circus: the winner of AppCircus in São Paulo is an addictive  casual game, developed as a pet project of the designers’ team of IndT (The Nokia Technology Institute). Developed for the Qt platform, the game must be a huge success when available for other platforms such as Android, iOs and Windows Phone, which is going to be the first one in its roadmap, according to Vanessa Calil, Nokia’s Developer Marketing Manager for Latin America. In 45 days the app had over 300,000 downloads from 170 countries and was featured for weeks at the top free games at Nokia Store, next to Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja Lite. Here is a video of the 2D casual game, with 32 levels and 2 different circuses.


  • Wup: is a personal search engine for social media, which finds relevant results, based on the information shared by its users in the social networks. Tracking the info and the connections of the users real time, the solution uses artificial intelligence and web semantics techniques to bring the most relevant results (and interactive advertising) for that specific user. Based on these characteristics, the founder of Wup, Brynner Ferreira, says that is “an innovative service for the next Internet’s era: the Web 3.0”. Wup was one of the finalists at La Red Innova’s Open Talent Madrid 2011, Desafio Brasil 2011 (Intel Challenge’s Brazilian phase) and Campus Party Brazil 2011. The app is in private beta for iOs and you can try a request for early access in the link above.
  • Fonista: is called a social dialer that allows users to find and share recommendations for local businesses and services such as restaurant deliveries, personal trainers, babysitters, handymen and more. The app was started up during the Campinas edition of Startup Weekend (May 2011) and has been evolving based on feedbacks from Brazil and Silicon Valley, where his founder, Helder Ribeiro, spent a while this year. Available for Android and recently launched for iOs, the recommendations and numbers are still way more localized than it should be, but it is expected a natural evolution.
  • Monsterjuice: part of the RBS Group (read about one of its last acquisitions here), Monsterjuice call itself a game studio for entertainment and fun, made by gamers and that “fights monsters and make juice from them”. The graphic design and technical level is impressive. The studio has created games for Digital TV (Piratas ao Ataque, Surface and Speed Pizza) and for Android/iOs, such as Chupa Cabra, Mister Miguel’s and O Mundo vs. Danilo Gentili (The World against Danilo Gentili, a famous and polemic local comedian).
  • Best, Cool & Fun Games: already a success in the market, this game studio founded in 2009 claims to be “the #1 mobile gaming company in Latin America, as by sales, product breadth, world reach and user satisfaction” and the traction of their creations looks like proving this point: the viral Ant Smasher had over 15 million downloads all over the world and its other creations Bunny Shooter, Fireworks, Go-Go-Goat (and some of their Holidays versions) have also been presenting an impressive traction.

Both studios had at least one game among the finalists of AppCircus in São Paulo: O Mundo vs. Danilo Gentili (Monsterjuice) has impressed the audience with its high quality graphics and tower defense strategy and the Go-Go-Goat has entertained everybody with the funny mountain goats that provides hours and hours of fun. You can get additional info and check out the other selected apps here.

We are looking forward to confirm the success of those apps and game studios next year and expecting even more impressive cases in 2012!



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