PulsoStartup10: In search of the best startups in Latin America

It’s that time of the year again where we look for the 10 best startups in Latin America.  Today we’ve opened up registration to the PulsoStartup10 o PS10, an online contest for Latin American startups.  The objective is to shine a spotlight on early stage technology companies in the region.

We will be choosing one company as the winner of PulsoStartup10 whose founders will be invited this February by PulsoSocial to present their startup to some of the most important investors in New York City with Quotidian Ventures acting as host.

The requirements for participating are the following:

a) The startup should be based in Latin America.

b) It should have been founded less than three years ago.

c) It should have a functioning product with potential to create real impact in the global marketplace.

The selection process will last approximately six weeks following a schedule of specific milestones.

The startups will be analyzed from three perspectives:

1) Entrepreneurial vision.

2) Potential growth and impact of the business.

3) Technological innovation.

The panel of judges will be chosen based on the following criteria: representiveness (from different countries in the region), proven experience in the industry and deep commitment with promoting startups in Latin America.

2011 has been a key year for technology entrepreneurs in Latin America thanks to great growth rates in the region in terms of bandwidth, Internet penetration and eCommerce.  Additionally, the maturation of regional accelerator and incubator ecosystems as well as a steady growth in the number of investment funds have contributed to ever more interesting Latin American startups.

The reader can refer to the results of competitions in 2008 and 2009.  Also, to follow the discussion on Twitter, feel free to use the #PS10 hashtag. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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