Fanwards: What’s your favorite brand doing for you?

Probably you’re a fan of a brand or store, you buy their products or have a collection of them, you wait for premieres or releases -almost religiously-, you even recommend it to your friends and family. Sounds familiar?

And for being a great and loyal fan, the brand -for sure-, is giving you discounts, exclusive benefits and entry to special events. No?

Well, Fanwards is a mobile platform to give you rewards for being a fan. We don’t know the final product, yet; but we will in 2012, since this startup was selected to be in the Start-Up Chile program.

What we know about Fanwards, is that this platform gonna take into account all the actions you perform to give you points -visiting stores, buying items, product recommendation, following your favorite brands through social networks (like Facebook or Twitter)-. Thus, the more points you earn, the more profit.

The operation of Fanwards will be through a mobile application, and each time you comment on your favorite brand, go to a store or scan Fanwards codes, you earn points that later you can redeem for special offers, exclusive benefits and more.

Although some stores and brands are already using QR codes to offer promotions or discounts to their customers, and even within the mobile application Foursquare we can find the so-called Specials (promotions available at check-in); Fanwards allow you to earn points and rewards in more ways than visiting stores or going to a specific place.

The creators of this project are from Argentina, and their names are Tomas Caraccia, Ignacio Harriague and Guido Vilariño, who besides being part of the third generation of Start-Up Chile (starting in 2012), had the support of NXTPLabs.


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