Start-Up Chile: 100 startups for 2012

Start-Up Chile is a program of the Chilean Government to attract world-class early stage entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Chile with special consideration of the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

After receiving over 570 applications during the third application period that ended in October, Start-Up Chile announces that 100 startup companies have been selected to be part of the world-recognized acceleration program’s third generation. 40 of those 100 teams are comprised of a group of entrepreneurs from more than one country.

The entrepreneurs selected, are provided with $40,000 USD (equity-free seed capital), a temporary 1-year visa to develop their projects for 6 months in the country, which means that local and foreign entrepreneurs can apply to this program. Hailing from 36 countries, 100 startups have been selected to be part of the world- recognized acceleration program’s third generation.

According to Jean Boudeguer, Start-Up Chile’s Executive Director:

Entrepreneurs are looking towards Chile not just for the money, but for the abundant network of people that the program attracts. We’ve had a commendable number of success stories and are very proud that after conducting 3 rounds of applications, the energy is more alive than ever. I look forward to seeing what next year will bring to us.

The startups for this third round come from 36 countries, and their arrivals are expected for February or March of 2012. Entrepreneurs -236 of them- will have a different experience, living for 6 months in Chile -at least-, with granted access to the most potent social and capital networks in the country.

This is the first time that entrepreneurs from Romania, Hungary, Peru, South Korea, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden participe in Start-Up Chile. Meet the 100 startups that will make a breakthrough in 2012 thanks to the program.

We have to keep an eye on this startups and of course, Chile, cause they are doing great work on the entrepreneurship support and giving a glocal vision to this program.



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