Uivix: Getting your news together

If you read blogs and newspapers on a regular basis, probably you are one of those who shared a link on the social networks so your friends can read that you found interesting, I do it all the time.  Thus, they in turn may give you their opinion on that note, article or interview.

But what about those stories that were shared one or two days ago? Probably remain forgotten after so much activity on your wall or timeline. Uivix does exactly what I described in the first part. It allows you to share the news links, posts or articles that you find interesting and so your friends can see the activity and share with you opinions or other links.

This web application was developed by Elías Mamani Canaza y Edy Luisrey Aguirre, both systems engineering students of the Universidad del Altiplano PUNO in Peru, it took one month to finish Uivix and with this startup they have participated in events such as Wayra Week Peru and Red Innova Brazil 2011, in both events they made it to finals round but didn’t win.

As they describe it on Uivix website:

It’s an interactive social platform, that let you create a miniblog to share what is happening in the world or find about it, in an organized way by categories and through  a real-time search engine you’ll know what people thinks about an article or what they are sharing.

Uivix interface resembles Twitter, but that was one of the ideas, make the user feel familiar and comfortable with something that has already been experienced. When you sign up with your email, you can immediately go to your profile to start sharing links, also one of the features is that you can classify what you share in several categories (something not possible on other social networks) for example, if you find a note about soccer or a basketball player you can categorize it in Sports, and maybe if you read something about cancer, you can share  it under Life & Health.

A main feature we already get used to and is also present in Uivix, is ​​the option to follow or be followed by people who share your interests, so we have the chance to read news from different media and parts of the world through new contacts.

Uivix currently is looking for investment or funding options, to have a strong and fast growth.


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