EverWrite to launch a self-serving version of the platform by the beginning of 2012

Most writers know their content needs be relevant in order to build and maintain a target audience on the web.  However, many of them struggle to identify what’s relevant at the moment the content is being produced. They usually rely on their intuition, which may result in quality content that will never reach its audience and end up lost in the sea of online information we have today.

That’s what Diego Gomes and Edmar Ferreira, co-founders of Everwrite, realized. With a professional background in the media industry, they identified an opportunity to build a platform that allows publishers to adapt their content to users’ demand based on real time user search data.

With this concept in mind, they incorporated in Delaware, United States, this year in July, hoping to reach a global market with a more mature payment infrastructure and a less complicated incorporation law than Brazil’s.

The initiative has paid off, as Everwrite has been described by The Next Web as one of the top Brazil startups, has received important awards such as PREI (RBS Prize for Entrepreneurship and Innovation), and was one of the finalists at Red Innova Startup Competition.

Another important accomplishment was a website developed to test Everwrite’s technology: comofas.com, which is similar to WikiHow, helping users to find information on how to do all sorts of things. After 5 months producing content powered by Everwrite, the website has reached an impressive 500k monthly pageviews, proving the efficacy and potential of this technology.

Everwrite is now on private beta with selected publishers, aiming to launch a self serving version of their platform by the beginning of 2012. Some of the product’s features include:

–      Smart keyword recommendation: provides a list of keyword opportunities based on how search engines see the publisher’s content.

–      EverRank:  a competition index that tells you, on a scale from 0 to 10, your chances of making it to the first page of major search engines for that specific term.

–      Smart Topics: an automagically generated list of topics for every domain, that will group keyword suggestions based on your actual content.

–      Google Analytics Integration: simplified integration with Google Analytics by using Google Analytics API

–      Keyword performance tracking: For every suggestion you pick at EverWrite, you can choose to track that specific keyword.

If you want to learn more about Everwrite.com, make sure to visit their website and blog.

How are you currently producing content to your website or blog? Do you rely on intuition or use your own special tactics to improve relevancy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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