Calling all startups in Brazil

One of the objectives we’re looking to accomplish here at PulsoSocial is to increase the visibility of startups in Latina America not only within the region, but also in countries such as the US.  As I’ve written in my blog, in the and in VentureBeat, Brazil is a hotbed of activity right now.  So much so that myself and the entire PulsoSocial team would like to write about more Brazilian startups.

I have great memories of the four months I spent living in Brazil ten years ago during my days as a Venture Capitalist.  I met some incredibly impressive entrepreneurs and even was able to communicate (analyzing a deal) with one of these from Rio although I didn’t speak Portuguese and he didn’t speak much Spanish or English.

I know that the Brazilian startup ecosystem has the support of some great people with whom I’ve had the opportunity to interact.  These include, Michael Nicklas, Managing Director of VC IdeiasNet,  Yuri Gitahy, CEO of Aceleradora, Anderson Thees, CEO of Apuntador and Anna Heim who’s been doing a great job writing about startups for The Next Web Latin America.

The plan is to write these posts in English in order to reach a wider audience of potential investors, mentors, etc. We would prefer to write about startups that have a newsworthy announcement.  If not, we can write a profile piece on startups that preferably have the following characteristics:

  1. Traction – This can be in the form of a good-sized user base, which is growing rapidly, but hopefully includes real sales.
  2. Target Market – Even if the initial target market is small, startups that target large markets and solve well-defined problems are the most interesting.
  3. User experience – We would like to help raise the bar in Latin America of what a good user experience means and are most interested in those startups that also focus on this aspect.

If you have a startup with these characteristics, feel free to contact us and by sending relevant information.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


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