Guide to accelerators in Brazil

If you are interested in bringing your startup to Brazil but don’t have the capital or expertise to market your product here, participating in a national accelerator program may be the best way to go. With experienced mentors on their teams, accelerators can give you insights on everything you need to know to succeed in the country, besides providing initial funds to help you get started.

Following is a list of the main Brazilian accelerators for you to choose from:


Big supporter of Startups Meetups, Aceleradora is an attempt to bridge a gap in the Brazilian startup scenario: entrepreneurs formation and business model discovery. They connect entrepreneurs and investors, coaching them into building viable startups.

Investment per startup: undisclosed

Terms (Equity per startup): undisclosed

Some of their mentors: Yuri Gitahy,  Eric Santos (Resultados Digitais), Edson Mackeenzy (Videolog), Gustavo Caetano (SambaTech), In Hsieh (Baby), Rodrigo Paolucci (SambaTech), Gian Carlo Martinelli, Jacques Chicourel, Leandro Alves(Latitude14) and Millor Machado (Empreendemia).

Location: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Space: No physical space, but they accept entrepreneurs from anywhere

Startups that participated in the program: , Descomplica, Empreendemia,, Ningo, Organizze, Zuggi.

Startup Farm 

Startup Farm is an initiative that seeks to amplify the development of new businesses through the creation and acceleration of startups in an intenstive one-month program. A team of experienced mentors in the digital scenario helps entrepreneurs structure, model and test new startups. Each edition at a different city, the first one took place in São Paulo, and the next will be in Rio de Janeiro.

Investment per startup: There is no direct investments and entrepreneurs have to pay to participate. Some startups and companies sponsor the participation of startups, such as Peixe Urbano, Brazilian’s bigget collective buying website.

Some of their mentors: Bob Wollheim (SixPix), Gustavo Guida Reis (HelpSaúde), Pierre Schurmann (Bossa Nova Angels) Caio Chaves Garcez, Carlos Flores, Claudio Roca, Daniel Cunha, Daniel Saad, Elizabeth Merlo, Felipe Matos(Inventta),  Henrique Bastos, Henrique Pistilli, In Hsieh (baby), Jairo Margatho, Juan Bernabó, Lígia Dutra, Marina Miranda, e Tiago Baeta (Imasters).

Terms (equity per startup): 0%

Location: Each edition happens at a different city

Space: depends on the location

Startups that participated in the program: undisclosed

Startup Rio!

Startup Rio! Is a four-month startup acceleration program focused in four different fields: Digital/IT, Life sciences, greentech and social innovation. The program is sponsored by Tropical Angels.

Investment per startup: U$ 50.000 (aprox R$ 80.000).

Some of their mentors: Julio Vasconcellos (Peixe Urbano), Amit Garg, Gustavo Guida Reis (Help Saúde), Ken Harrington, Mika Peltola, Alexandre Ribenboim,  Rogério Passy, Eric Gulve, Mauro Schechter, Hugo Villar, Stevens Rehen e Frank Yin.

Terms (Equity per startup): 10%

Location: Rio de Janeiro.

Space: Shared offices in Rio de Janeiro.

Startups that participated in the program: undisclosed

Polo Marte

Polo Marte is a Brazilian group that accelerates startups that bring technology to essential services to the people. Its experienced mentors and its approach to web development attracts young entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, to provide them a strategic mentoring and seed investment. The company specializes in user experience, product development and provides an inspiring workplace.

Investment per startup: undisclosed

Some of their mentors: Marcelo Gluz, Nando Pereira and Fabio Giolito.

Terms (Equity per startup): undisclosed

Location: Rio de Janeiro

Spcae: Shared offices in Rio de Janeiro.

Some startups that participated in the program: Posto Zero, OQDar e Apps4Kids.

21 212

21 212 is a group of successful entrepreneurs and developers that believe in the idea of digital startups acceleration in the Brazilian market. They have seed acceleration program, that offers seed capital, mentoring, technology, physical space and business knowledge needed to establish a solid foundation and generate business in an agile way. At the end of the four-month program, the startup has the opportunity to make their pitch to angel investors and VCs.

Investment per startup: R$20.000.

Some of their mentors: Fábio Seixas (camiseteria) , Anderson Thees (Apontador) Paulo C. Novis, Henrik Werdelin e Bill Boebel.

Terms (Equity per startup): 20% – 10% para a 21212 + 10% para patrocinadores.

Location: Rio de Janeiro and New York.

Space: Shared offices in Rio de Janeiro.

Startups that participated in the program: undisclosed.


Acelera10 is a startup accelerator founded to find startups with great potential and excelent teams, and assure they become successful. With proven entrepreneurship experience from its founders and a mentoring program to follow up, capacitate and transfer knowledge, early stage companies may apply to participate in a nine-month program focused in creating every condition  for the participants to be in the path of profitability and growth. Besides having a physical space based on the coworking concept, startups can count with a shared services center for accounting, legal, press and marketing activities.

Investment per startup: undisclosed

Some of their mentors: Marcelo Amorim and others (undisclosed)

Terms (Equity per startup): undisclosed.

Location: Florianópolis, Santa Catarina

Space: No physical space

Startups that participated in the program: undisclosed

TechRok Ventures 

TechRok is an accelerator focused in early stage tech companies that has the web as their core business. Its mission is to identify investment opportunities providing strategy and management to minimize risks and generate growth for the companies on their portfolio. It was founded by Pierre Mantovani and the first company from their portfolio was

Investiment per startup: undisclosed

Some of their mentors: Pierre Matovani, Ex Digitas Brasil’s CEO.

Terms (Equity per startup): undisclosed

Location: São Paulo.

Space: No physical space.



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