Pig.gi is hiring a VP of Engineering in Medellin

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Position: VP of Engineering

Location: Medellín, Colombia / Mexico D.F.

Contact: kernel@pulsosocial.com

Pig.gi is helping the world stay connected.

Pig.gi is an international team of experienced entrepreneurs on a mission to make mobile internet available to all people in Latin America, and eventually the entire world.  Through Pig.gi’s elegant and user-friendly mobile app, users generate virtual currency that may be exchanged for mobile data from any local mobile operator.  This is achieved through an ingenious system through which users receive non-intrusive and targeted advertisements at the moment of unlocking their phones, with the advertising companies then financing the new currency regardless of whether the user interacts with the advertisement.  This allows people everywhere a simple and free means of finally accessing the great democratizer of economic opportunity of our time – mobile internet.  The app is currently experiencing 50% monthly growth in users and has received financing from Mexico, Colombia, and the United States.

The co-founders Joel and Isaac Phillips are brothers with many years of experience building startups and mobile products.  Their travels to over 40 countries inspired them to found Pig.gi in order to help people all over the globe discover the world through the power of mobile internet.  They are seeking world-class engineers who are ready to share this vision and make Pig.gi the leading force for internet access across Latin America and the world.


The Founders

Isaac Phillips Co-FounderIsaac Phillips founder photo

With over 10 years of international experience and over five years of startup experience, Isaac has worked in entrepreneurship and digital intelligence in places as diverse as Hong Kong, Paris, New York City, and Mexico City.

Joel Phillips Co-Founder

Joel Phillips founder photo

After receiving a degree in economics from Columbia University in New York City, Joel spent years building multiple startups Mexico City startups and New York City.




About the Position

Working with Pig.gi is the opportunity of a lifetime.  As Senior VP of Engineering, you will work alongside a distinguished team of professionals and build a product that will change people’s lives across the globe. Your work will have a significant impact on the way the world accesses information, transacts and communicates. Ideal candidates will love solving complex problems and ideally have full-stack experience along with a strong emphasis on mobile development.


Pig.gi work spaceResponsibilities of the Position include:

  • You are thrilled about about working with a distinguished group of people
  • You love the idea of revolutionizing the way the entire world stays connected
  • You are a self-starter who doesn’t need a lot of direction to get things done
  • You have approximately 5 years of engineering experience and 2 years of experience managing other engineers
  • You have experience using different programming languages and know which ones to use according to the problem that you are trying to solve
  • You enjoy solving complex problems and working on both front-end and back-end development as well as mobile


  • Competitive compensation
  • Equity in the company


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