Casting to the People is hiring a VP of Engineering in Medellin

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Position: VP of Engineering

Location: Medellín, Colombia / Los Angeles, California


Casting to the People gives everyone the chance to be a star

Casting to the People is founded on the vision of allowing everyone the opportunity to pursue their dreams in the creative industries such as acting and modeling.  Currently, the ability to receive a chance at a role is available only to an exclusive and small group of people with inside access to talent agents, resulting in millions of talented people around the world never receiving a fair shot at their dreams and far less creative and diverse content available for the world.  Casting to the People solves this problem through a simple but powerful application that allows people to audition for parts directly from their smartphone, with powerful analytics involving social media and crowd-sourced voting to help identify top candidates.  The company is an important example of using powerful technology to further the arts and human creativity.

The company was founded by two close friends with tremendous track records in business, media and  entrepreneurship.  The CEO has published multiple books, been featured in over a dozen of the top publications on entrepreneurship in the United States, and has been successfully founding companies since he was 20.  The co-founders have relocated to Medellin out of their passion for building their global company here, and are deeply dedicated to strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the city in the long-term.  Join this team to help forever revolutionize the way that people around the world pursue their dreams in the creative industries and to join this team in their mission to make the city the strongest entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America.

The Founders:

Aiden Livingston Founder, CEOAiden Livingston headshot

Published author of three books on digital marketing (with a fourth on the way), serial entrepreneur who has been founding companies since he was 20, marketing master and world traveler, Aiden has seen it all.  A life-changing moment involving a dear friend then gave Aiden his personal mission to change the way the way that people can pursue their dreams in the creative industries through founding Casting to the People. His preliminary research then came directly from working as an actor in order to witness firsthand the hardships faced by struggling artists.  Aiden has traveled the world and once booked an immediate flight to live in Argentina only hours after being denied entrance to India.  Whether in business or entering a  certain country, Aiden gets it done no matter what.

Naveed Hedayati Co-Founder, VP Business Development

Naveed Hedayati headshot

Former engineer and investment banker, Naveed left his highly successful career as an engineer and head of sales and marketing for two US companies in order to pursue entrepreneurship and see the world. After touring all of Asia and Europe, Naveed decided to take his talents to New York to help make his close friend Aiden’s Casting to the People dream a reality.

Throughout his travels in Asia, Naveed once completed a 10,000 kilometer bike ride to the top of a mountain despite the many signs warning against using bikes on the trail.  When he reached the top 8 hours later, the people at the village were so excited that someone had completed the journey that they threw an all-night celebration. Safe to say that Naveed can always be found at the top of whatever he puts his mind to.

About the Position:

Working with Casting to the People is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

As Senior VP of Engineering, you will work alongside a distinguished team of professionals and build a product that will be used by people around the world to pursue their dreams, with your work significantly impacting the way artists are discovered. Ideal candidates will be self-starters who want to make a difference and love complex analytical and engineering challenges. They will love solving complex problems and ideally have some experience with both front-end and back-end development.


Responsibilities of the Position include:

  • You love the idea of revolutionizing the way stars are born and people pursue their artistic dreams.
  • You are a self-starter who doesn’t need a lot of direction to get things done
  • You have approximately 5 years of engineering experience and 2 years of experience managing other engineers
  • You have experience using different programming languages and know which ones to use according to the problem that you are solving
  • You enjoy solving complex problems and working on full-stack development


  • Competitive compensation
  • Equity in the company

* The image of Los Angeles was published by Oliver Dodd under the CC BY 2.0 License.

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