After 8 years of building relationships, telling the stories and growing a community of tech executives, engineers and entrepreneurs in Latin America with PulsoSocial, we’ve decided to take it a step further and become part of our member’s lives by helping them grow in their careers.

When rapid but careful expansion in Latin America becomes crucial for the growth your business you can count on Kernel to help you attract and retain Latin America’s best senior engineering and executive talent.

What Kernel can do for you:

We recruit the talent you need faster than anyone else:

Engineering Talent

• VP of Engineering
• VP of Product

Executive Talent

• Regional Managers
• Country Managers
• VP of Sales
• VP of Marketing

Admin. Support

• Local labor agreements
• Set up local subsidiaries
• IP protection & Payroll

Our Experience

Although new at providing a dedicated recruiting service, the team of PulsoSocial and it’s parent company Socialatom Group, have a decade-long track record recruiting top engineering and executive talent in the U.S. and Latin America. Including:


Recruited over 100 people for 5 owned and operated companies. 
Recruited in 7+ countries: NYC, San Francisco, Miami, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Perú.

Recruiting and retention advise for 42+ Socialatom Ventures portfolio companies 
Have built a community of over 600,000 engineers, entrepreneurs and tech executives over the last 8+ years.

More importantly, our background comes from building and growing technology companies, we understand the struggles entrepreneurs face when scaling because we’ve lived them ourselves, this is why we can help beyond just placing a candidates.


The Kernel Process:

1. We become part of your team to understand your needs.

2. We Advise on designing the right role and job description.
3. We generate a solid pipeline of qualified candidates.
4. We manage the interview process to help you save time.
5. We provide technical interview assistance by actual software engineers
6. We perform Due Diligence and Reference Checks on your behalf.
7. We help you align the right incentives for an offer.
8. We offer legal and admin. support to let you focus on your product.
9.We create a retention strategy for each placed person.


The success of the founders, engineers and companies we work with speaks volume of our experience and value we provide.

Hernan Aracena

The Kernel team goes beyond just shoving candidates to job openings, their help in negotiating stock options and incentive packages for executives was crucial for us scaling our company.


I’ve used the help from the Kernel team in the last 3 companies I have founded (including two exits). Their edge for acquiring top engineering talent in Latin America has allowed me to get started and scale up quicker than any of my competitors.

Armando Sosa

I’ve worked with the Kernel Team for over 5 years now, and they have helped me accelerate my career and experience by leaps and bounds matching me with fascinating VC backed technology companies all over the world. They really do care about each engineer’s needs and are with you for the long term, not just when selling you a position.

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Account Executive


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Account Executive


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