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Brennan Lake of Neosites: Partnerships, Local Leaders Keys to Launch in U.S. and Brazil

A few months ago, we met Neositios, an Argentine enterprise focused on helping small and medium sized businesses get set up on the web. The service requires no technical knowledge, allows for social media integration and also features e-commerce options.

Today, the company will launch in the United States and Brazil with Neosites.

Neosites has already been operating quietly in both locales for quite some time, experiencing organic growth by virtue of live portals and light social media. With these official launches, it will intensify advertising efforts and expand its network of partners, implementing co-marketing campaigns with organizations orientated towards small businesses.

E-commerce will play a central role in this launch. The e-commerce markets in the U.S. and Brazil are valued at US$189.9 billion and US$13 billion, respectively, and Neosites will help its customers to tap into those markets via payment tools, site building assistance and even Facebook storefronts.

Brennan Lake, EVP Corporate Development at Neosites, gave us some insight as to what’s to come for the company in the U.S. and Brazil.

Emily Stewart: The Neosites website is already available in Portuguese and English. What new about the company will this launch entail?

Brennan Lake: Not only have we completely redesigned our back-end system to make it even more intuitive, but we’re rolling out new features that put an emphasis on mobile and social enabled e-commerce. These features reflect the rising trend in mobile browsing and shopping in both markets. We’ve also reconfigured our price point to include e-commerce integration as part of our free plan, effectively undercutting the competition in the US.

ES: You boast partnerships with corporations in Argentina, Chile and Peru. Will you pursue similar agreements in your new locales? Who will head up these initiatives, and what types of partners will you be seeking?

BL: Our partnerships with Telefónica and Santander Bank across LATAM have been incredibly favorable to our growth as a company, and they are testament to the usefulness of our platform as a pro-growth value added service for professionals and small businesses. We also just launched a partnership in Mexico with Santander Bank – see details at have dedicated teams focused on both new markets, headed by an American and a Brazilian, and partnerships are a huge aspect of our strategy worldwide.   

ES: There is quite a contrast between launching a business in the United States and Brazil. What has your experience been between the two?

BL: While the US e-commerce market is more mature, e-commerce in Brazil is growing incredibly fast and closely resembles the growth experienced in the US in the late 90s/early 00s. In spite of the disparity, there are tens of millions of SMEs in both countries that lack an online presence and demand a feature rich yet user friendly experience in growing their businesses and sales online, and that is something that Neosites delivers.  

ES: Brazil is generally known as an extremely difficult market to penetrate. Have you noted this? What strategies have you employed to overcome it?

BL: There is certainly a lot of talk of red tape regarding entry into Brazil. Luckily, having a Brazilian citizen head that market has been extremely helpful, especially through the process of incorporation in Brazil.  

Will Neosites be able to translate the success it’s had in Spanish-speaking markets into the U.S. and Brazil? It will likely depend on the company’s ability to develop successful partnerships – a vital part of its recipe for success.

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