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New Additions to Your Reading List: 10 Most Popular Entrepreneurial Titles in Brazil

Interested in Brazil’s entrepreneurial community? It’s time to brush up on your reading. A number of books are on the shelves with essential information and perspectives regarding investment, entrepreneurship and business in Brazil.

Now sure where to start? Two Brazilian book retailers have published their first-semester reports, thus revealing the best-selling entrepreneurship books during the first half of 2012.

We bet these would be a great place for you to start:

Livraria Saraiva

1.Empreendedorismo – Transformando Ideias Em Negócios (Entrepreneurship – Transforming Ideas into Businesses), by José Carlos Dornelas (Elsevier Editora, 280 pages). In its fourth edition, this book is a go-to for entrepreneurial instructors and a staple of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial theory in Brazil.

2. A Menina do Vale – Como o Empreendedorismo Pode Mudar Sua Vida (Girl from the Valley – How Entrepreneurship can Change your Life), by Bel Pesce (Casa da Palavra, 84 pages). Eighteen lessons from a Brazilian entrepreneur who’s made it big in Silicon Valley.

3. Franquias Brasileiras – Estratégia, Empreendedorismo, Inovação e Internacionalização (Brazilian Franchises – Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Internationalization), by Pedro Lucas de Resende Melo (Cengage Learning Edições, 248 pages). Various case studies of Brazilian franchises and networks such as Chilli Beans, Mundo Verde and TrendFoods.

4. Empreendedorismo – Construindo Seu Projeto de Vida (Entrepreneurship – Building the Project of your Life), by Luiz Arnaldo Biagio (Manole Editora, 260 pages). A go-to guide for those looking to forego traditional employment and undertake their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

5. O Fenômeno do Empreendedorismo (The Phenomenon of Entrepreneurship), by Emanuel Ferreira Leite (Saraiva S/a Livreiros e Editores, 392 pages). A must-read for those looking to develop their entrepreneurial abilities, with discussions of entrepreneurship, innovation and incubation.

Livraria Cultura

1.O Segredo de Luísa: Uma Ideia, Uma Paixão e Plano de Negócios (Luisa’s Secret: An Idea, A Passion and a Business Plan), by Fernando Dolabela (Editora Sextante, 304 pages). The story of Luisa, a young girl who decides to start her own business.

2. Nunca procure emprego! Dispense o Chefe e Crie o Seu Negócio Sem Ir à Falência (Never Get a Real Job: Dump your Boss, Build a Business & Never Go Broke), by Scott Gerber (Editora Évora, 256 pages). Serial entrepreneur Scott Gerber shows readers the ropes of entrepreneurial success.

3. Investidor Anjo- Guia Prático para Empreendedores e Investidores (The Angel Investor – A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs and Investors), by Cássio Spina (nVersos Editora, 176 pages). A guide to the dyanamics of investor-entrepreneur relationships in Brazil, covering everything from business model to exit strategy.

4. A Startup Enxuta (The Lean Startup), by Eric Ries (Editora Leya, 288 pages). A guide to the lean startup method, encouraging continuous testing, shortened product development cycles and validated learning.

5. A Escola dos Deuses (The School for Gods), by Stefano Elio D’Anna (Barany Editora, 408 pages). A novel expounding various philosophical ideas and manifesting the individual revolution – the birth of vertical men and a new humanity freed from pain, fear and conflicted thinking.

While some of the titles are of a more local nature (as in time to get your Portuguese chops ready), others are quite universal and available in English. What’s more, some of the works listed are even translations from international literature.

Each title listed offers important insights not only into the Brazilian scenario but also into entrepreneurship as a concept in its self. Moreover, their popularity is reflective of the resolution of the Brazilian entrepreneurial community to learn and grow.

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