Irene Ros @PulsoConf: There is a strong need to visualize the data we are collecting on the web

The impending PulsoConf won’t only be a space for entrepreneurs and investors – it will also bring together developers and engineers, the true bread and butter of the technology ecosystem. In the context of PulsoConf, BogotaConf will serve as a forum for the technical experts of the community, including Irene Ros.

Ros is an open source JavaScript developer focused on the creation of data-driven interfaces and visualizations. She worked for a number of years at IBM, the highlight of her experience there being work at the Visual Communication Lab at IBM research. Today, Ros is part of a programming team at Bocoup, a Boston-based open web technology company.

With PulsoConf on the horizon, we reached out to Ros and discussed her take on data visualization, past accomplishments as a programmer, and what’s to come in technological trends. She also told us a bit about what she plans to discuss in Bogota next week, which will mark her first trip to Latin America.

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